Current lab members

Dr. Diego Safian CONICYT postdoc fellow (Comisión Nacional de Investigación Cientifíca y Tecnologíca, Chile)

(Co-supervised by Prof. Geert Wiegertjes, Wageningen University)

Project: Evolution of maternal immune tolerance during pregnancy: First insights from placental fish

Tiffany Ernst  

(Co-supervised by Dr. Aniko Korosi, University of Amsterdam)

PhD project: Evolution of maternal effects in live-bearing fishes

Henri van Kruistum

(Co-supervised by Dr. Hendrik-Jan Megens, Wageningen University)  

PhD project: How does a placenta evolve? Insights from comparative genome analysis within the livebearing fish family Poeciliidae

Laura Staal  

(Co-supervised by Prof. Wertheim & Dr. Olivier (University of Groningen) and Dr. Plosch (University Medical Center Groningen) 

PhD project: The role of the placenta in transmitting disturbed serotonin levels from the maternal environment: a comparative study with livebearing fish, rats and humans 

Myrthe Dekker  

PhD project: Does the evolution of the placenta drive the evolution of sexual selection in live-bearing fish?

Mr. Andres Hagmayer  

PhD project: Functional advantage of the placenta and superfetation in the live-bearing fish species Poeciliopsis retropinna


Dr. Elsa Magnolia Quicazan Rubio 

Date PhD degree: 18 September 2019

Title: Swimming performance and morphology of pregnant fish

Dr. Mike Fleuren

Date PhD degree: 19 December 2017

Title: Reproductive adaptations to reduce locomotor costs in viviparous fish (Poeciliidae)